Why was Megyn Kelly trending on Facebook? It appears that Facebook was duped by a totally false story on Megyn Kelly which had over 60,000 people checking outa title that was rather enticing. It looked real and folks believed the article titled;Fox News Exposes Traitor Megyn Kelly, Kicks Her Out for Backing Hillary.

The story, which was written by a website that is known for some rather outrageous articles, bashed Kelly for secretly backing Hillary and once Fox found out her scheme, they kicked her to the curb.

That was the gist of it, but there was more offered that wasn't very flattering for the Fox News personality!

Facebook apology

Facebook has apologized to Kelly and has since taken down the story it featured with some rather shocking allegations. The article showed up in the trending section of Facebook, which is in the right hand corner of your Facebook page. Kelly's fantastic story wasloweron the list thanthe disturbingMcChicken trending, which was another fiasco for trending subjects online over the weekend.

Kelly gone?

Many Fox fans started their work week thinking Kelly was out of a job. The outspoken news anchor is one of those people that you either love or hate and not many fall in between those polarized feelings when describing what they think of Kelly. So there were some happy and sad Fox fans when hearing the news.

Rival Bill O'Reilly

Kelly is much like her Fox News colleague and rival anchor Bill O'Reilly when it comes to the effect she has on folks.

She is very adamant about her opinions and doesn't allow a lot of wiggle room when it comes to changing her mind, she comes off a lot like O'Reilly in that aspect.

She is one intelligent woman, but cut and dry when it comes to how she sees the topics discussed on her show.You will probably never hear her sway from her stead-fast opinion on a topic no matter how good a case is being presented to her that differs with the way she sees it.

Again, much like O'Reilly.

Viral McChicken was disturbing!

Twitter and Facebook both had McChicken trending yesterday and that went viral. Folks took to the Internet to see what this was referring to and most were sorry they ever did. Some very disturbed man was having sex with the famous sandwich in a very graphic video. What did go viral after people happened upon the video was the reactions to that video, which were hysterical. You can read about those hysterical McChicken reactions here.

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