Donald Trump's new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway sat down for an interview with Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File and the host was at the ready to fire some questions her way. Talk about a woman who operates on an even keel, that's Conway. Even Kelly couldn't get a rise out of her while pushing one question her way over and over again!

Personal insults

Conway said a while back that she has disdain for throwing personal insults at people. Now that Conway represents Trump, Kelly wanted to know how she's dealing with all the personal insultsthat Trump shoots into the wind? Conway didn't stumble or even need to take a moment to think about how she would answer that.

Trump bites back

She made it quite clear to Kelly that Trumponly goes after them once they strike first. Kelly asked Conway what she thought about Trump calling Morning Joe co-host "neurotic" and said that was another way of saying she was mentally ill. Again Conway claims Trump doesn't shoot first, so if they want to insult Trump, he comes right back at them.

Kelly then moved on to how Trump has been known to call other female news anchors "crazy." Conwaychimed in that if Trump does this, it is "not unprompted." The GOP candidate's new campaign manager went on to say that she is a mom of four young kids so of course she condemns personal attacks. She told Kelly that if she came to the interview saying anything different than that, thenshe'd be a hypocrite, reports The Week.

Conway not a sparring partner

Kelly started her rapid fire of questioning and talked over Conway at a couple of points, interrupting what she was trying to say.Kelly was finally able to reel herself in and give Conway time to breathe. More than likely that is because Conway doesn't appear to be a woman who commits to confrontation while in a conversation and it seems her host realized this!

Conway's demeanor is actually calming and she has a very matter-of-fact conversation mode to her that makes it almost impossible to want to verbally spar with the woman. You could tell by the tone of Kelly's voice that a sparring round was brewing, but somehow Conway's demeanor pulled the plug on that!

Check out the video below to see Kelly attempting to get a sparring session going, but Conway wasn't biting. It happens around the 6:45 mark in the clip.

Trump starts fulfilling promises

It looks like Trump has kept to one of the many promises he's made so far and that is to surround himself with experts who know how to get things done. While this promise was intended for the days he'll be occupying the White House, it's not a bad idea to start early and it looks as if he did just that by choosing this very charismatic campaign manager!

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