Is Megyn Kelly going to jump ship and head for warmer waters now that Fox Newsis embroiled in a sexual assault scandal that runs deep within the organization? If you are a Fox News fan who has tuned into the cable network this week you are probably not surprised that they are not talking about one of the biggest headlines in the last few days. They have remained mum about Andrea Tantaros filing a lawsuit against Fox that put Roger Ailes as just a piece of the sexual harassment problems at the network.

Time to jump ship?

With Bill O'Reilly and Fox News contributor Scott Brown, who is the former Massachusetts Senator,now named in the lawsuit as predators of sexual harassment, the sky is falling over at Fox News.

Other executives were also named for turning a blind-eye to the behind the scenes culture seemingly driven by elderly men with too much testosterone. Megyn Kelly, who is one of the biggest draws over at Fox, has her contract coming to an end before next year. To keep her would be the right financial move for Fox, but does she want to stay?

Big bucks

Kelly makes about 10 million a year at Fox News, which is about half of what her ratings rival Bill O'Reilly makes. O'Reilly has another year to go on his contract, but if they lose Kelly in the midst of this sexual harassment shipwreck, they could be in trouble. According to Politicus News, Kelly might just move along for greener pastures when its time to renegotiate her contract.

Because she is a household name today around the nation, other networks will no doubt step up with offers, if they haven't already.

Career move?

Megyn Kelly, who has not filed a lawsuit like her two colleagues, Andrea Tantaros and Gretchen Carlson, has acknowledged the sexual harassment she was subjected to by Roger Ailes, but she did so during an investigation orchestrated by Fox News lawyers.

There is no known lawsuit for Kelly at this time, but that is probably a smart move on her part if she is looking to change networks. It might not be an easy hire for someone with a sexual harassment lawsuit in tow.

Will Fox lose Kelly?

If she is planning to stay at Foxand rake in close to what O'Reilly does, then a lawsuit at this time might put a damper on her negotiations.

So what is Kelly planning on doing? Her agent must be ready to negotiate her pay, which will probably double because she has gained so much fame thanks to Trump and the Fox Republican debate, where she was a moderator. After she rubbed Trump the wrong way, the battle that went on for a while was headline news. In a way Kelly is where she is today, a very popular news anchor, because of her battle with Trump. That was one silver lining no one saw coming! Will a President Trump take Kelly on as the White House Press Secretary? Stranger things have happened!

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