Megyn Kelly now has a bargaining chip that is worth its weight in gold and she can use it in the near future to negotiate her new Fox News contractashers is up at the end of the year. Will Kelly even re-negotiatea contract with Fox Newsor will she headout to broaden her horizons? On August 5 Megyn Kelly left for vacation and in the weeks that followed the ratings for The Kelly Files have dropped to the point that the show is now running neck and neck with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

Kelly's bargaining chip

It appears that the people who were lined up to fill in for Kelly while she was away on vacationdid not hold the ratings steady and this speaks in volume for the outspoken news analyst about what she brings to Fox.

Despite the very charismatic Martha MacCallum and the enticing personalities of Trish Regan and Sandra Smith all taking their turn at sitting in Kelly's seat, it appears some of her fans have drifted to another network.

Maddow gets the ratings

It is not just a random network that Kelly's fans have drifted to and they aren't just channel surfing to find some place else, they've honed in on Maddow over at MSNBC.The Kelly Files has dropped in ratings, while Maddow has picked up in ratings and now thisputs the two shows in aclose race for the number one spot, according to The Independent Journal.

Kelly's show has been the top destination for the demographic group of 25-54-year old viewers, which is the most coveted for TV demographics because this is where the advertisers go with the big bucks.

Can Kelly write her own ticket?

Fox News is far above the rest of the news channelswhen it comes to the overall ratings, but seeing The Kelly Files drop and become just about even with Maddowtags Kelly as one popularity lady!

Now that the data shows just how much clout the Megyn Kelly name carries these days, she can probably write her own ticket when it comes to a contract! While Kelly would probably not give Donald Trump any credit, her popularity soared during that long spat she had with Trump that starting at the Republican debate hosted by Fox back in March. Many thought Kelly, who moderated the debate,treated Trump differently than she did the other Republican candidates on the stage.

Thanks to Trump, Kelly becomes household name?

Instead of asking straight-out questions like she did for the other candidates, Kelly presented Trump with a disparaging scenario and then asked him to speak to her statement, such as what she claimed he had said about women in the past. He felt blindsidedand many people who watched the debate from both parties agreed with Trump.

Then the real estate mogul turned candidate hopped on social media and offered up his take on Kelly, which was harsh. The two were in this battle of words, but it seemingly ended when Kelly surprised the masses and made her way over to Trump towers and the two emerged seemingly cordial to one another and that feud was put to bed.

This put Kelly in the national spotlight and while she was popular on Fox News before she had her run-in with Trump, she became so popular after her battle with Trump that she became a household name.

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