Did the all-girl pop band The Trumpettes pick up on something between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump, that other folks just didn't see during their very public sparring after the Republican debate? As you might guess from the name of the band, The Trumpettes, that they are a pro-Donald Trump band, and they have created a song and video that puts Megyn Kelly swooning over the GOP presidential candidate. Especially when she sees the headlines of Donald Trump's pick for a White House press secretary!


Strange bedfellows

According to Latina News, The Trumpettes, who are an old girl band, have released this video on YouTube (which can be seen below) and they've got the character playing Megyn Kelly singing about Trump from a newsroom set that mirrors her real set, The Kelly Files. The woman singing the song resembles Kelly with her short blond hair and her form-fitting sleeveless dresses with lots of leg showing.


Hidden romantic feelings? 

The lead singer spouts out her lyrics to music telling Trump she wants to show him how she can "spin it." She is doing this while on a fake television news set that looks like Kelly's show and it clearly says, The Kelly File. The TV journalist and the GOP candidate became verbal sparring partners after the first Fox News held Republican debate where Kelly was a bit brutal to Trump as the mediator.

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Donald Trump

Instead of asking him direct questions, as she did for the other candidates at the debate, she spouted off disparaging accusations and then asked Trump to explain his side.

Megyn Kelly succeeded in getting Donald Trump angry and she created a controversy that was slugged out in the headlines for weeks to follow. It also started a slew of Twitter jabs that Trump aimed Kelly's way. It died down and Kelly made her way over to Trump Towers for a private meeting with the GOP candidate and they emerged in an amicable mode, but still harbored a guarded position against one another.

Romantic ambitions put to song

It seems that the Trumpettes believe that Kelly has secret romantic ambitions when it comes to Trump, as the woman sings about Trump and kisses his picture in a magazine. At one point in the video, which can be seen below, the singer impersonating the Fox journalist opens the newspaper to see that she, Megyn Kelly, has  been awarded the gig of press secretary for Donald Trump. In the video, this is news that she's lusting over

She does a credible Kelly                                                                                                                           

Watching the singer at her desk imitating the Fox anchor, you have to admit she does have some of Kelly's mannerisms down pat.


She's spot on when it comes to the way she sits tall in her seat and copying Kelly's tendency to use her shoulders in an exaggerated movement when shuffling the papers around on her desk. Check out the video below demonstrating the Trumpettes' version of Megyn Kelly's infatuation with Donald Trump.

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