Maddie Zeigler may only be 13 years old, but the young dancer has achieved quite a bit in those short years and she’s hoping that her fans will be interested in experiencing those years by reading her memoir. The memoir recounts Maddie’s rise to fame as a young talent on Dance Moms and her later guest appearances in Sia’s music videos, but the book will also double as a self-help book for young girls and dancers. Zeigler offers advice and expounds on the lessons she’s learned through her own struggles, hoping her experiences will be of help to others.

Gallery Books is publishing The Maddie Diaries with a March 2017 release date.

Maddie Zeigler is adding young adult novelist to her resume.

While Zeigler’s fans may find The Maddie Diaries an interesting read, the So You Think You Can Dancejudge realizes that not everyone will be interested in her real life struggles, so she has something for those who prefer amore fictional tale.

Maddie is also putting out her own young adult series of books, which will be available through Aladdin Books. The young adult series is about a young dancer, so it seems Zeigler is sticking with what she knows in writing her own unique slant on middle-grade level fiction. The trilogy will be introduced with Maddie’s first book to hit the shelves in fall 2017. The second book is to be released in fall 2018 and the third will hit shelves in fall 2019.

Maddie says her heroine is a young dancer who faces the challenges of professional dance competitions, while also dealing with the problems of any average teen girl. "I've always been the type of person who really enjoys writing stories," said Ms. Ziegler. "So when I found out I would be writing books, I was so excited that I got started right away!"Maddie adds that she’s very excited to be writing about her journey, in speaking of The Maddie Diaries, because she wants to inspire others.

She says she has found that pursuing a passion is what really makes life worth living.

"Always be brave enough to live out your dreams," says Ms. Zeigler.

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