Maci Bookout's fiance was so harsh with a woman on Twitter earlier this week that she has completely deleted her account. As the new episode of Teen Mom OG aired on MTV, Taylor McKinney was faced with allegations of acting and after receiving a message from a woman named Amanda Clair, he gave her a piece of his mind.

"You look like squidward, worry about finding you a man first," McKinney tweeted on August 22. However, while he quoted the woman's tweet along with his message, it can no longer be seen as she's completely removed her account from the social media platform.

A short time later, McKinney re-tweeted a message from Maci Bookout's best friend, Raj, who told fans he was "leaving no bodies behind." He then said he was "just playing" with his haters. As the night continued, McKinney continued with his rant and told one woman that she would never be getting a ring like he recently gave to Bookout.

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney got engaged and pregnant during 'Teen Mom OG'

During the premiere episode of the 6th season of Teen Mom OG on Monday night, Maci Bookout was seen getting engaged to her longtime boyfriend, the father of her two youngest children, and later, she was seen learning of her third pregnancy after suspecting she wasgaining weight.

Maci Bookout gave birth in May to baby no. 3

While fans are just now learning of Maci Bookout's pregnancy onthe show,the reality star actually gave birth months ago. On May 31, just one day after her second child, daughter Jayde Carter McKinney, turned one, Bookout and McKinney welcomed son Maverick Reed.Bookout is also mom to 7-year-old Bentley Edwards from her previous relationship with ex-fiance, Ryan.

Bookout and Ryan parted ways years ago shortly after Bentley was born.

For more of Maci Bookout and her growing family, including her fiance Taylor McKinney, don't miss the next new episode of the 6th season of MTV's Teen Mom OGairing at a special time this Sunday night at 7 p.m. The new episode will be followed by the MTV Video Music Awards.

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