Luann de Lesseps has been accused of being blind in this current relationship. While Luann is head over heels in love with Thomas D’Agostino, her co-stars are concerned about her happiness. There have been plenty of red flags throughout her relationship with him, including his past relationships with Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer. Sadly, de Lesseps claims she doesn’t care about his life “before Lu” - so before he met her. But she may soon learn that he doesn’t seem to care about her happiness, as he was spotted making out with another woman just 48 hours before their engagement party.

According to a new tweet, Luann de Lesseps is now speaking out about her relationship with Thomas these days, about six months after The Real Housewives of New York aired. As it turns out, Luann is ignoring all of the red flags that have surfaced over the past couple of months.

Is Luann de Lesseps too blind in her relationship?

Many people believe that Luann is completely blind in her relationship with Thomas. None of the ladies understand why Luann de Lessepshas to rush the engagement and the marriage.

The two met in November last year and they were engaged in February. They held an engagement party shortly after, which is currently playing out on the show. So, how is de Lesseps dealing with the cheating?

“I really hope everything is going well. It would be nice for true love to be real <3,” one person wrote to Luann, who replied with, “Thank you.

Everything is amazing and we are still engaged and wedding coming up on #NYE2016 xo.”

How Luann de Lesseps reacted after learning about Thomas’ lies

After learning that he had been with another woman just 48 hours before their engagement party, she told the Bravo cameras to stop filming her. In the press, Thomas has revealed that he made mistakes but Luann de Lesseps has forgiven him. It sounds like she is willing to forgive and forget despite the betrayal.

What do you think of deLesseps’ decision to forgive Thomas for his cheating? Would you still get married if you were de Lesseps?

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