Luann de Lesseps is very happy these days -- and she’s letting everyone know about it. When Luann met Thomas D’Agostino, she was so happy that she couldn’t stop talking about him. In fact, she was so blinded by love that she completely disregarded her co-stars, who had previously dated him. de Lesseps later learned that both Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer had been with Thomas, but she didn’t seem to care about his relationships before she came into the picture.

According to a new report, Luann de Lesseps is now revealing that she feels that Bethenny Frankel is causing trouble. It’s no secret that Sonja and Ramona have expressed their dislike for Luann’s decision to marry Thomas, but they are trying to respect her happiness.

But when Frankel got a text message from a friend, hinting that Thomas was still sleeping around despite being engaged, she wanted to confront de Lesseps about it.

Luann de Lesseps not happy with her Skinnygirl co-star

Even thoughLuannis very excited about her future and her upcoming wedding later this year, she's not too happy with herReal Housewives of New Yorkco-stars. On this week's episode, Luann will learn that Bethenny has some information about her future husband, something that could hurt her.

“I’m thinking that Bethenny is going to be the terrorist of this trip! You can see how excited she was to tell her friend in Florida about something she heard regarding Tom and me. The look on her face says it all…like a cat who ate the canary!

Why some of the girls revel in making me unhappy, I’ll never understand. I’m just glad that I know myself and I know Tom so whatever Bethenny’s concocting, we’re ready for it,” de Lesseps reveals in her Real Housewives of New York blog for Bravo.

Luann de Lesseps continues to plan her wedding to Thomas D'Agostino

These days,Luann de Lessepsis still planning her wedding to Thomas. It is possible that she will provide an update on the relationship on the upcoming reunion special, but it is clear that she isn't listening to her co-stars' concerns about how fast she's moving.

What do you think ofLuann de Lessepscalling out Bethenny for being a terrorist? Do you think Frankel was just trying to look out for her friend?

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