Lisa Vanderpump had seriously considered leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Brandi Glanville decided to call her out. Brandi kept saying that Lisa was calculated and was a horrible person who couldn’t be trusted. After Brandi left the show, Lisa thought that she could film the show in peace. But Erika Girardi and Kyle Richards eventually called Vanderpump out for her behavior. Even though Lisa was considering leaving the show behind for good due to all of the betrayals, it sounds like she’s coming back for the upcoming season.According to a new tweet, Lisa Vanderpump is now learning that she can’t really escape the past.

Even though Brandi isn’t on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she still says things about her former friend.

Lisa Vanderpump calls her former friend’s comments ‘nonsense’

This week, Glanville decided to do an interview about Vanderpump. While she has said many things over the past couple of years that simply don’t make sense, Lisa seems to respond in one way or another to these accusations.

“Hey LVP! Did u read/her how Brandi Glanville is slandering you and #RHOBH to keep herself relevant?” one person wrote to Lisa, who replied with, “yep I saw all the nonsense again.”

It sounds like Lisa Vanderpump does read what her former friend is saying about her, but she doesn’t really seem to care.

Lisa Vanderpump slammed by former ‘RHOBH’ co-star

In her interview, Glanville said that her former co-star is sneaky and calculated. During her interview with She Knows, Glanville said that Vanderpump "will always land on her feet — like a cat. She just gets forgiven. And anyone else — the public just takes them down."This isn’t the first time that Lisa has been accused of being a calculated person.

Kyle Richards has also said that she’s a calculating person.

"It was exhausting, to be honest. We couldn’t just go to dinner — it was dinner, let’s talk about the show, let’s talk about what’s gonna happen next, almost planning everything, and I was, like, 'this is not how I roll.' 'Cause I can’t plan what comes out of my mouth, and that’s the truth!" Brandi revealed in the interview, according to She Knows.

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump calling Brandi’s comments nonsense?

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