Moniece Slaughter has been coming for Princess Love for weeks now. Ever since Season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" started, Mo has been dropping bombs about her past fling with Ray J. According to some recent claims she's made, their affair didn't end when he started dating Princess. Maybe that's why Princess says she is coming for Moniece in a recent interview.

Moniece Slaughter claims Ray J can't give her up

It all went down in this week's "Check Yourself" on VH1. Brandi and Moniece were talking about a scene from the most recent episode of "LHHH" where Mo was talking to Masika Kalysha and Nia Riley about her previous experience with Ray J.

She told her friends that Ray J hit it first and that's why Princess Love hates her.

Princess Love has said in interviews that Moniece Slaughter is just salty because she and Ray J hooked up just one time. Based on what Moniece is telling everyone, it happened more than once. She even claimed that the singer/producer was rubbing on her booty as recently as last year.

Considering that Moniece has said that she may be "more familiar" with Princess Love's husband than even she is, it's a pretty safe bet that Mo hooked up with the "One Wish" singer more than once.That would be a huge problem for Princess because last year she and Ray J were very much a couple.

Could Moniece's claims cause trouble for the brand new "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" newlyweds?

A lot of "LHHH" fans are blasting Moniece for getting around. So far she's hooked up with Lil Fizz, Ray J and Rich Dollaz from the VH1 reality show. They can't really say much, though, because Ray J has done just as much bad. He can claim Princess Love, Moniece Slaughter and Teairra Marie as his "LHHH" hookups.

Princess Love is coming for Moniece Slaughter

So far Princess has blasted Moniece a few times and her biggest insult is that her "LHHH" co-star just can't keep a man. That seems to be pretty true and to further prove that, now Mo isn't even dating men at all. Instead, the reality TV star recently admitted that she's dating a woman instead of a man.

Even though Moniece and her new girlfriend are very openly sharing photos of each other on social media, the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star made it clear that she's not dating a woman for a reality TV storyline.

She said that she doesn't plan to bring her new love on the show at all.

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