Leah Messer has been tweeting about how wonderful life is these days. Messer recently moved into her new home, she's been spending the summer holidays with her three daughters and she's doing everything possible to start over after dealing with depression and anxiety last year. But Leah hadn't told her followers that an important meeting was coming up at a hospital, so when Messer was spotted at the medical facility, fans were panicked. What happened?

According to a new Instagram post,Leah Messerhadn't told anyone about a trip to the hospital, so when some fans spotted her there, they asked her via social media if everything was alright.

Well, she was there for an important test for Ali that they do every year.

Leah Messer’s medical trip was due to her daughter

When Leah was ready to talk about her hospital visit, she revealed that Ali was going in for her annual sleep test. Apparently, this is a test that Messer's daughter gets once a year. Ali is suffering from muscular dystrophy.

"Say a prayer for my Ali Bug, It's that time of year again. She has one of the bravest most courageous souls that I know! Can't believe it's already been a year since her last Sleep Study!" Messer revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of little Ali.

What was the outcome for Leah Messer’s trip?

After about a day, Messer revealed that things had gone great during her daughter's hospital visit. As it turns out, her daughter isn't scared of the hospital after so many visits and she knows what the sleep study is all about. Messer posted a sweet message to her daughter after going through the study, saying that her daughter was truly an inspiration to her.

"Our trip to Nationwide Children’s Hospital was a success! My dearest Ali, you and your beautiful soul inspire me day by day! You my beloved daughter have changed my life for the better forever. I would be incomplete without you. The courage and strength you hold inside and out is beyond remarkable! I love you Aliannah Hope. I'm so proud God chose me to be your Mommy,"Leah Messerrevealed in a separate Instagram post.

It's awesome to see that Messer is being hands-on with her daughters especially since she was highly criticized after losing custody of her twins last year. She fought back in court and regained custody of the twins and she was thrilled that the judge agreed with her efforts.

What do you think ofLeah Messer's post about her daughter?

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