Leah Messer is currently on vacation while Teen Mom 2 is on hiatus, and the 24-year-old mother of 6-year-old twin girls Aliannah and Aleeah and 3-year-old Adalynn is using the time to do what she loves to do the most.

As the Teen Mom 2 reality Television star shares on her social media pages, there is nothing more joyful for her and to many other mothers than spending some quality time with your daughters.

For Leah Messer, like most moms, that means spending summer time together at the family pool or traveling across the country.

Leah Messer shares life behind the scenes

On her Instagram page, Messer shared a proud video of daughter Ali in the swimming pool.

In contrast to MTV’s Teen Mom 2 reality Television show, the video is not going to reach millions of viewers but only Leah’s followers on social media.

For Messer, the video is a testimony to what is happening in her real life. Ali, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, is swimming like a fish without mom Messer’s help, and the video is quite in contrast to the family’s airport photo.

As the parenting site SheKnows reported, Leah Messer and her three daughters took a trip from West Virginia to California. Messer’s Instagram photo of the three girls at the airport shows Ali confined to a wheelchair.

Leah Messer makes herself vulnerable as reality Television star

Despite Leah Messer expressing on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter how proud she was to have made the trip across the country with her three daughters, critics are grabbing the opportunity to find something negative about the television star.

Quite amazingly, instead of praising Messer for her courage to travel with a child in a wheelchair, one critic focused on the fact that 3-year-old Addie can be seen in the photo sitting in a stroller.

Living life as a reality television star is coming with a high price for Messer as critics see her as having “zero parenting skills,” not enough weight on her bones, and not making the right choices when it comes to men.

Despite all the criticism of the Teen Mom 2 star, what matters most to Leah Messer is being able to give her three young daughters what they need most – a mom who loves them more than anything.

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