Leah Messer asked for prayers yesterday and people were wondering what she was talking about. As it turns out, her oldest daughter Aleeah had a dentist appointment and Leah knew that her daughter was very scared. As it turns out, Aleeah had to get two teeth removed and Messer posted a picture of her daughter with her missing teeth on Instagram. While she was trying to prove that her daughter was strong and brave, she got plenty of negative comments.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now getting support from a surprising source, Chelsea Houska’s father. Randy Houska, who is a dentist, was quick to come to Leah’s defense, revealing that Messer didn’t do anything wrong.

Leah Messer is not a bad mother says Randy Houska

Apparently, Aleeah getting two teeth removed yesterday was not something unusual for children her age. And Randy reveals that it was normal.

“Back off Leah Messer for baby tooth extractions.I have extracted thousands of anterior baby teeth including some of my kid's & grandkid's,” he tweeted in defense of Leah, who replied with, “I just cried a little lol. She had infection that would have damaged her permanent teeth. She didn't fall or anything.”

As it turns out, Randy has removed many teeth, including his own children and grandchildren’s teeth.

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“I extract baby teeth every day. People will stop judging suddenly when their kids need the extractions,” he continued, to which she added, “ooh yeah! Her teeth are great! I pay no mind to #ignorance! Funny they happen to be so quick to judge.”

Why Leah Messer is often judged by ‘Teen Mom’ fans

Messer is often judged by Teen Mom fans, because she has had some struggles. Leah has shared her battle with anxiety, depression and stress, something she went to treatment for.

With two failed marriages and three children, she may have felt overwhelmed. And because she opened up and shared her weakness with the world, it sadly put her in the spotlight for criticism.

What do you think of Leah Messer getting support from Randy Houska? Are you surprised that people are so critical of Leah?

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