Leah Messer never really talked about her life outside of Teen Mom when she wasn’t filming the show. Every year, fans of the hit MTV show are wondering whether the girls are filming a brand new season and the girls never really talk about filming the show. However, it sounds like Leah just admitted that they are filming a new season, as she filmed an Instagram video of her meeting up with Jeremy and getting emotional about it.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that she wanted to surprise her daughter Adalynn with her father, who came home to surprise her.

While Messer is no longer dating Jeremy after their divorce, they can still get along and co-parent. And Jeremy has already moved on emotionally, as he’s dating a new woman named Brooke.

Leah Messer admits to getting teary-eyed with her ex-husband

Leah hadn’t told anyone that she was meeting up with Jeremy yesterday, so when she shared a video of him surprising his daughter, she admits that she got emotional and perhaps even got a few tears in her eyes.

“Her surprise today was DADDY! Made mommy all emotional!!

So happy for my baby!!!” Leah Messer revealed in her Instagram video, which you can see on her official Instagram page. And people are digging how they are getting along.

“This was such an amazing video!!! Just saw it and it definitely made my day! God bless you guys and all of you guys sure deserve happiness!” one of Messer’s fans revealed about the video.

Leah Messer reveals she’s filming for MTV

In the video, Leah manages to film both Jeremy and her daughter hugging and there is a film crew in the background. It sounds like she’s back filming the newest season of the show for MTV. But just because she’s filming the show now doesn’t mean it will be back on MTV anytime soon. In fact, it could be months before fans see Messer and her family again.

“I see you all are filming again ( see the camera dude in the back lol) :) that hug probably lasted longer than you were able to capture...such a beautiful moment,” one of Messer’s followers pointed out.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s video of her surprising her daughter with a visit from Jeremy?

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