Leah Messer is currently a single mother taking care of her three children. Last year, Leah's struggles with anxiety and stress were shown onTeen Mom and fans of the show were very critical of her. It's no secret that she has struggled since she briefly lost custody of her daughters and she thought she would have to prove herself again to get them back. Luckily, the judge agreed that the custody was removed unfairly and she got her girls back.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messeris now creating some panic with her Twitter followers, as she recently asked for prayers for her daughter.

Leah Messer spreads panic over a harmless visit

This week, Leah used social media to ask for prayers for her oldest girl, Aleeah Grace. As it turns out, this little girl may have some fears when it comes to the dentist and Messer thought it would be fun to ask for special thoughts for her on that day.

“Say a prayer for Gracie today! We are headed to the dentist shortly, bless her heart! Thank you all!” Leah revealed on Twitter this week, which caused some interesting responses. Many of her fans were more than willing to give Aleeah a special thought during her visit to the dentist.

How Leah Messer is handling being a single mother

Last year, Leah learned that she had lost custody of her twins, Ali and Aleeah. Corey Simms had gone to court and proved that she wasn't responsible in getting them to school and Ali's therapy on time. However, the school records had been incomplete and false, so the judge overturned the custody. They now share custody of the twins. And it sounds like they are spending qualitytime together.

"Church this morning with Ali & Aleeah! #ProudMom #InGODweTRUST & Maybee, manis/pedis afterwards. Depends on behavior @ church,"Leah Messerrevealed on Twitter over the weekend, sharing that she may spoil them completely with mani and pedis if they behaved at church. No word on whether they actually got those mani and pedis.

What do you think of Leah Messerasking for prayers for her daughter?

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