Actor Cory Monteith died unexpectedly three years ago at the age of 31, but lea michele, his girlfriend, and co-star on Glee has kept his memory alive.

She has a small tattoo that says "Finn" on her left butt cheek. This was revealed after appearing on the cover of Women's Health in the UK. The photo shoot was for the magazine's naked issue.

On the show Glee, Michele's character for a Finn tattoo. This was to remember Finn Hudson, which is the character Monteith played on the show.

This isn't the first tattoo she has gotten to pay tribute to Monteith.

She also has the number five tattooed on her body, and it refers to the jersey number worn by Monteith's character.

The actress said she felt like she was in great shape and she was in a good spot, emotionally too. In the magazine, she said she does have her down days, but she has learned to accept them.

Lea Michele added that she does do things to help her get past those down days. She said she'll kick back and watch some reality Television or call her mother. Sometimes she just makes macaroni cheese or enjoys a glass of wine.

Lea Michele's body comes with hard work

Lea Michele did mention she was not the type of person to hit the gym. However, she apparently found that SoulCycle spinning classes did wonders.

The actress said that working out just doesn't have to be good for her body, but good for her mind too.

She said after she is done exercising, she is glowing, and she feels great. Not only does Michele keep in shape by working out, but she eats right.

She makes sure she eats healthy foods, but she does splurge sometimes. The actress tries to eat completely gluten free.

She also tries to stick with vegan food. She believes that this is important because you want something healthy when reaching for a snack

Michele admitted that sometimes she does like to indulge and treat herself from time to time.

This includes eating pizza or pasta, but she said people could do whatever they want. She added this was just something she wants to do.

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