Donald Trump is like a gift sent from the heavens for journalists around the world, single-handedly creating more news than people handle on a daily basis. Oliver attempted to cover Trump’s erratic week in his opening segment this past week, while his main segment was reserved for the insane operations of the car loan industry.

Trump steals the looney show

While most reporters didn’t have the class to not comment on Hilary Clinton’s new haircut, Oliver managed to stay clear of the unnecessary topic and focus purely on the incredible number of events featuring one Mr.

Donald Trump. Trump began his crazy week by first suggesting that people who support the second amendment are fully equipped to handle the problem of Clinton becoming president (meaning shoot her dead!).

Before the dust could settle from this comment, he quickly moved on to stating that Obama is the founder of ISIS and Hilary Clinton is probably the co-founder of the regime. Trump faced a lot of flak this week from within his own campaign to get his act straight, which is why he tried to pass off his last comment as “sarcasm”.

This troubling behavior was rounded off by a pretty segment where Trump discussed his love of charts! Oliver was clearing having a ball at the expense of the Republican nominee on this episode.

API steals from Oliver’s show.

Oliver began to discuss the events of the Rio Olympics as a part of his opening segment, but quickly focused his attention on the American Petroleum Institute. The API had the gall to try and pull off an ad during the Olympics that featured graphics, font and style eerily similar to the opening segment of Oliver’s own show.

Instead of suing the pants off the API, Oliver dealt with the matter in his own way but creating an alternative opening segment for his show that looked a lot like one of API’s older campaigns. Needless to say, the segment did not portray the petroleum giants in a positive light.

A scam on wheels

The main segment this week was centered on car loans and the abundant ease with which people in America are being able to procure them.

Oliver examined the nature of auto lending and realized that companies such as Buy here pay here were purposely targeting customers who belong to a poorer demographic of the population in order to make them default their loans, thanks to ridiculously overpriced interest rates.

Oliver noted that nearly 86 percent of Americans rely on cars for transportation, and since public transport in the country is in quite a poor condition, the ones without cars are taking a beating in order to go about their daily lives. The nature of the problem here is similar to the mortgage crisis that occurred a few years ago, with the sub-prime auto loan industry borrowing a page from one of the biggest scams in American history.

Oliver proved through a careful examination of this problem that most cars are repossessed and sold numerous times in order to inflate the profits of companies like Buy here pay here. These companies act in a predatory manner, setting the standards really low for a loan and sometimes offering money without even checking a person’s credit rating. One analyst even claimed that all you need to get a car loan in America is a pulse.

This important issue was brought to the fore thanks to Oliver, and hopefully millions of people around the country look through the fine print with greater concern from this point before signing up for a seemingly easy car loan.

In order to drive home the point, Oliver used the help of Keegan-Michael Key to create a hilarious fake car ad to accurately portray exactly how these companies feel about their customers. You can watch the entire segment here.

What did you think of this episode? Have you been a victim of faulty car loans?

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