John Oliver has been the most unbiased voice during election season. After scrutinizing the events that unfolded during the RNC, Oliver turned his sights towards the DNC this week and offered his stellar point of view on the party. Before he dove into the main story of the week, Oliver focused on a few of the other major stories from around the world.

Turkey in trouble again

For the fourth time in the last 60 years, Turkey had to deal with yet another military coup wreaking havoc in the capital. Instead of addressing the nation on national television, their leader – President Erdogan, used Facetime to try and calm the tense mood in his country.

After the coup was suppressed within a week, a massive number of arrests were carried out in Turkey, clamping down on individuals who supposedly played a part during the coup.

Oliver noted that the arrests included journalists and reporters, and also a large number airline officials for reasons that are still not clear. Oliver jokingly commented that these arrests had a lot to do with Erdogan carrying out a personal vendetta against individuals who had scorned him in the past, while simply using the coup as an excuse for his troubling behavior.

Voting suppression

The other major story during this episode included the rejection of voter suppression laws in three states of U.S - Wisconsin, Texas and North Carolina. These laws were heavily biased against minorities and would have severely disrupted the democratic process if they were passed on time. These included theformation of rules that would require African Americans to submit additional voter I.D’s that are mostly held by White Americans.

How is this still a thing?

The transitionary segment – ‘How is this still a thing?’ featured the topic of Tanning salons this week. The Tanning salon industry is a 3 billion dollar behemoth that included more branches than Dunkin' Donuts in America. The show focused on the shocking growth of the industry, despite overwhelming evidence that proves its many negative effects.

The WHO classified tanning beds as a Group 1 carcinogenic, placing it in the same category as cigarettes, while over a 1,000 accidents occurred just last year with people injuring themselves inside a bed.

Lobbyists in favor of Tanning salons offer ridiculous counter-claims, going as far as saying that the Tanning beds provide a healthy source of Vitamin D and can, in fact, help prevent cancer. The continued growth of the industry, despite its abundant negative effects, forced the show to ask the question – ‘Tanning salons – How are they still a thing?’

Democratic National Convention

The DNC began in the unhealthiest fashion this year with party Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigning due to yet another leaked e-mail scandal on the very first day of the convention. Michelle Obama delivered a rousing speech regarding the progress made by African Americans in America over the past few decades, while Joe Biden tried to rally the supporters in a very ‘sports coach’ manner.

The most notable event during the DNC involved a lawyer named Khizr Khan directly addressing Donald Trump. Mr. Khan lost his son during the recent war in Iraq, and he pointed out that people from all races in the world have played a part in keeping America safe over the years.

Oliver ended this episode by making a touching observation with regard to Trump’s counter-attack on Khizr Khan. While Trump tried to take a jab at Mr. Khan’s wife by saying that his wife didn’t have much to say during the speech (probably because she didn’t get a chance to speak), Oliver destroyed Trump by pointing out that Mr.

Khan’s wife was too distraught to speak about her late son, and a man like Trump cannot even gather the decency to acknowledge such a sensitive situation. You can watch the entire segment below.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Last week tonight with John Oliver? What did you think of the encounter between Khizr Khan and Trump? Please leave your comments below.

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