Who knew that Larry the Cable Guy carried so much clout when it comes to politics? When this comedian appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning what he had to say about Hillary Clinton dropped jaws around the nation. While he can come off as a red-neck kind-of guy, he really is a smart businessman who actually marketed himself to where he is today.

When Cable Guy talks...folks listen?

On Tuesday when he stopped by the Fox curvy couch, he made his bid...


he wants Donald Trump for president. He offered his advice in what the Washington Times is calling a "qualified endorsement."  Larry the Cable Guy does have a real name and that is Daniel Lawrence Whitney. The "endorsement" that the Times is talking about came after he offered up a Hillary Clinton blurb. It seems that Larry the Cable Guy believes that if Hillary Clinton were to win this 2016 presidential race then this would be the "end of the country."

He was interviewed as himself, but the character of Larry the Cable Guy poked through when he compared the two choices America has today for a president to a bodily function.


When it comes to picking between Trump and Hillary, he offered a very graphic example! He said, "Do I want to poop in my pants, or do I want somebody else to poop in my pants?" That's when he said a vote for Hillary would be the end of the nation. 

He did say that he is a fan of Donald Trump, but he followed that up by saying how some of the things that he's heard come out of Trump's mouth are a bit "outrageous." He also said his choice of candidates was made by deciding who he won't vote for. This is when he offered up the initials of that person as Hillary Clinton, he just bypassed the H.C. altogether!

A vote against Hillary

Larry the Cable Guy offered some amusement during the morning hours today on Fox and Friends, but he also brought up a good point. For many people this election is more about who they won't vote for and that means they may vote for the other person or maybe not at all! It seems Twitter came alive with what Larry the Cable Guy offered up on Fox and Friends this morning, everyone was a comedian!

Silence not golden for Mrs. Clinton!

There is also that silent vote that Hillary Clinton needs to keep an eye on. It seems that it's not politically correct to voice a vote for Trump today, so many people avoid an argument and keep their vote to themselves. Some even say they won't vote for Trump, even though they have every intention of doing so. Although there are quite a few Trump voters out there keeping their choice silent, come election day in November their voice will be heard via the privacy of the voting booth.


Then we'll see about who poops in whose pants thanks to that comparison from Larry the Cable Guy!

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