Lala Kent is leaving Vanderpump Rules -- and she's taking her friend with her. After just one season on the Bravo reality series, Kent has decided to remove herself from the cast.

“I have decided to part ways from the show,” Kent recently tweeted to fans.“I madethe decisionto leave the show. I realized it isn’t for me.It was completely my decision."

Lala Kent, who was believed to be returning to the show just weeks ago, was brought to the series during Vanderpump Rules season 4 as a host for SUR Restaurant.

However, when it came to establishing relationships with her co-stars, the only person she appeared to get close to was James Kennedy, who is on the outs with nearly every member of the SUR staff.

Lala Kent's BFF is leaving, too

Over the weekend a source close to Vanderpump Rules spoke to Real Mr. Housewife, revealing Kent's longtime friend, Faith Stowers, would also be missing from season 5.“Faith has also left the show,” the source explained.

According to the report, Stowers hasn't officially confirmed her exit from the show, but she did hint at such on Twitter.

“I didn’t want to be to the girl that worked in a restaurant for years…,” she recently wrote.

Lala Kent was entangled in Jax Taylor's relationship drama during 'Vanderpump Rules' season 4

During the first several episodes ofVanderpump Rules Season 4, Kent and Taylor were seen flirting with one another.

In addition to their interaction at SUR Restaurant, Kent and Taylor were seen on a dinner date with Scheana Marie and Kristen Doute, where their flirtation appeared to get serious.

However, despite Taylor telling Kent he would like to hook up and not tell anyone, nothing appears to have gone down between them.

That said, their relationship did cause drama for Taylor and his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, who he began dating around the time of his flirtation with Kent.

Following his outing with Kent, Taylor was faced with questions from his girlfriend, but despite Kent's comments about their interactions, the couple remained together.

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