Lace Morris and Grant Kemp have become a couple during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, but spoilers tease that they may face some challenging moments during Week 5. Things started off on a wild note for them, but they have stuck with one another as other couples faltered and fans are curious to know just how long they will last. What's the scoop?

Can thisBachelor in Paradisepair overcome their issues?

According to TV Guide, one couple is going to be facing some insecurities during Monday night's show and previews have made it appear that this Bachelor in Paradise spoiler likely refers to Lace Morris and Grant Kemp.

The teasers detail that they will consider calling it quits on their relationship, but is this really the end of Morris and Kemp's romance?

According to the Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from gossip guru Reality Steve, Grant and Lace will manage to work through this fit of uncertainty. They do stick around until the finale, and it seems they will even get matching “Grace” tattoos, surely representing their first names together, during their overnight date.

Are theseBachelor in Paradise lovebirdsstill together after filming?

How long do Kemp and Morris last beyond that? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that they will get engaged during the finale and they remain together at this point. As TMZ noted not long ago, Lace and Grant were spotted together near her home in Denver, Colorado hanging out with friends, and it seems that she is planning to move to Los Angeles to be with him once the show wraps.

This engagement is one of several that reportedly take place during the Season 3 finale, with both of the other couplesseemingly still together and making plans for the future as well. Could Lace Morris and Grant Kemp end up making things last and ultimately tie the knot? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that it will be a wild ride for these two, but so far, they seem to be making their relationship work and they just might manage to surprise skeptical viewers.

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