Kristen Stewart gave an interview to T-Magazine where she talked about her love life and revealed the real reason why she separated from Robert Pattinson. Everyone thinks they separated because the actress was unfaithful to Pattinson with film director Rupert Sanders, but that'snot true.Thereal reasonwhy they separated is because their relationship had become amarketing product. At first, they were really in love, but then they were together by the pressure of the fans.

A global success

Stewart and Pattinson starred the Twilight saga with great global success; they fell in love and when fans learned that wowed the point of wanting to see them together forever.

The couple was confused and did not know if they were really living a romance or a dummy. To this was added the infidelity of Stewart to Pattinson and the coupleended abruptly.The positive is that both remade their love life and now are good friends who support each other in any situation.

Two different ways

The 'Café Society' star also told T magazine never happy to talk about her private life and plans to continue protecting her privacy. When she began dating girls decided to make an exception. A few weeks ago she was declared so in love with her girlfriend, the executive producer Alicia Cargile.

She felt the need to tell because it seemed to be hiding something bad or she was ashamed of her lesbian romance when that is not so. She feels so happy with her girlfriend, and she wants to give a positive message of joy.

Pattinson, meanwhile, is engaged with British singer FKA twigs, and supports the new sexual choice of Stewart, because he wants the best for her. At present, they have such a good relationship, which sometimes the media talk a possible reconciliation, something theystrongly deny.

The actress also claims since she has been with Alicia Cargile feels more free and do not feel sad again as before. She acknowledges that her girlfriend gets along better with her lesbianism, and that helped her to feel relaxed with herself.

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