Lord Krishna, the most romantic and powerful God in Hindu mythology, is celebrating his birthday alias Janmashtami on August 25, 2016. People who believe in Hindu belief are in a state of ecstasy as they can celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna with full devotion.

On the Internet too, Krishna is trending, as Janmashtami quotes and wishes of the Lord are demand in the online world.

Krishna, the Lord who mesmerized a billion people, is known for his kind nature and beauty. He took birth and lived with cattle workers and is renowned as 'butter thief' among his devotees, as he used to steal butter from his adopted mother Yasoda.

The history of the Lord:

In Hindu epics, Krishna is considered as the most powerful God. If Shiva is for destruction, then Krishna/Vishnu are for protection, and Brahma is for creation. The Lord's epics are widely mentioned in the Mahabharata. His Bhagavat Gita is touted to be one of the finely depicted advisory books in the history of planet earth. His words to Arjuna, the glorified warrior are still being used by many people to encourage people to do good deeds.

Krishna's epic doesn't end there. Stories about Kamsa's killing and Kaliya's snake dance still live in the minds of his followers.

It is Janmashtami, and the mood is undoubtedly festive.

In this tech savvy era worshippers of Madhusudhan use different social media platforms and messenger services to share messages amongst their friends and loved ones.

Watch the live streaming of Janmashtami:

Krishna temples across the globe will witness huge rush today. One of them which will witness the rushes of devotees is theGuruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple and ISKCON Temple, Bangalore. Several special poojas will be conducted on this auspicious occasion, and devotees will offer special prayers to their favorite God.

All the state governments have ensured maximum security in all these pilgrim areas, as intelligence officials have asked them to beef up the protection.

Paramilitary forces and police are deployed in these sacred places, and they are monitoring all suspicious activities in and around these places.

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