Kim Kardashian went under the cosmetic surgeon's knife as per online posts on August 12. She might have gotten a non-surgical tummy tuck if her doc's hashtags are to be believed.

This comes after other posts fromKardashian bragging to have lost 55 pounds and showing a waist "so tiny it looks photoshopped" (Kim's words). She also posted nude selfies showing off her huge thighs and butt. And the question is, are the tiny waist and weight loss Kim Kardashian brags about down to plastic surgery?

Did Kim Kardashian lose weight by diet or surgery?

After Kim gave birth to baby Saint Westin December, she began a crusade to get down to her pre-motherhood weight of 120 pounds. She keeps the Internet at large abreast of each and every ounce lost and shares a multitude of pictures chronicling her shrinking body.

Recently, Kardashian bragged to have lost 55 pounds which would be really cool if it had not been for the fact that she did most of it by having a baby. The first 25 pounds or so doesn't really count as weight loss.

But still, it takes work to get the rest of the baby fat off. Also, there's only Kim's word for her actual weight.

She shows a picture of a scale with a number and nothing more. But that may be just semantics. The real issue is that if she has had plastic surgery before (and she has because she posts all about it), then it's logical to assume that a tummy tuck post-baby is next.

Just what procedure Kardashian had wasn't stated, but in response to Kim's SnapChat tagging the doctor, he responded with hashtags "Skin tightening" and "tummy tuck" and "non-surgical." Granted she had not had the cosmetic surgery when she posted the original tiny waist photos.

And it wouldn't account for all weight loss. But it begs consideration.

Does it matter how Kim Kardashian lost weight?

Yeah, it does, to people who are interested in losing weight. If a celeb proclaims to have lost weight using this or that diet or exercise regimen and then is found to have had cosmetic surgery or used drugs, it's dishonest. It's also discouraging to those who follow their diet tips.

"Snooki," Nicole Polizzi of, "Jersey Shore," said she dropped pounds with diet and workouts. Then she was found not only to have taken a weight loss drug but actually to be a company spokesperson.

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