Kim Kardashian shared photos of her weight loss down to 125.4 pounds from 180 pounds in pregnancy with son Saint West in 2015. Earlier, Kardashian posted nude selfies! In another batch, Kim was so taken with her "tiny waist" that she thought it looked photoshopped. Is Kim trying to keep up with sister Khloe Kardashian in weight loss? Probably. but Kim's habit of photographing herself reveals an important diet secret that really works to shed weight.

Kardashian chronicles weight loss

Kardashian has been working to lose 60 pounds of post-baby Saint West weight.

She has shared this journey step-by-step in great detail on Instagram, including some nude selfies (meant to help others not show off, Kim says). She unabashedly announces every success for all to see. To read her boasting how her waist is so tiny that her selfies lookphotoshoppedis kind of awkward. You might say well that just means Kim has an addiction to attention that borders on mania. And you would probably be right. You might find her constant selfies annoying. You might feel just a tiny bit jealous that Kardashian was able to lose weight so quickly.

That's perfectly understandable, especially if you have weight to lose. Nevertheless, it's very good that Kim Kardashian does share all those photos. It's healthy for her to see how far she's come and it's healthy for others to see her progress.

Before and after pictures help lose weight

Did you ever think you'd learn something from Kim Kardashian? Well, here's one lesson -- takebefore and after photos and share selfiesof weight loss on social media.

Photograph yourself at your heaviest. Take nude selfies (do not share/text/sext them to anyone) to see where fat has collected. Be ruthlessly honest and if you don't like what you see, start changing it and vow never to go back. You have to understand where you were before, to appreciate all your hard work after! Photograph every step of your journey. Note how your waist, face, butt, and arms get smaller.

Queen Latifah used positive affirmation like this to lose weight.And to the haters, don't be jealous of Kim Kardashian. She doesn't own exclusive rights to weight loss. There's plenty of mojo to go around!

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