Khloe Kardashian lost an eye-popping 40 pounds to effect a miraculous transformation. And Khloe's shocking diet secrets reveal no hardcore dieting. She actually ate pizza and M&Ms and still shed pounds. That will give all the diet haters out there cause to rejoice seeing that weight loss is possible without starvation. To lose weight, Kardashian found fitness and lost a negative mindset. Here's the scoop.

Kardashian found exercise, joy, skinniness, health

Losing 40 pounds might not seem like much, but to a petite person like Khloe Kardashian it's huge -- like a quarter of her body weight, or so.

Right about now, you might be wondering why Khloe lost weight anyway. She looked great before. Is this an eating disorder rearing its ugly head? Nope -- as per Kardashian, she doesn't deprive herself. She did find a new love relationship with exercise which made her feel better emotionally. Obesity is a thing because people have love relationships with food and hate relationships with exercise. And, not surprisingly, they are also often chronically depressed, anxious and stressed. But Khloe found that fitness lost those things and found joy, peace, and sense of purpose. She says it's like "buying sanity." Queen Latifah would agree that attitude boosts weight loss. With a cleaned up attitude, Khloe also cleaned up her plate and lost the weight.

Kardashian cleaned up her plate

Instead of cleaning her plate, she cleaned up her plate. All too often, people put on weight because they learned the "clean plate club" mentality. You're taught to clear your plate because children go hungry around the world, it's a sin to waste food, [insert other guilting reason].

Khloe cleared up her plate and adopted healthier eating habits and a better relationship to food. Some people like Chaz Bono have found that with food addiction they can't ever eat junk food. Kardashian still eats food she likes. However now instead of having two pieces of cake she has one. But moderation is no fun, you might say.

Half the joy of junk food is pigging out on it. That's part of the negative relationship with food. You find with portion control that you actually appreciate the treats more.

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