Kelly Dodd is causing quite the stir on The Real Housewives of Orange County because she can’t seem to get along with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador. Kelly is convinced that Shannon set her up completely during a party, as some of Beador’s guests started spreading rumors about Dodd being unfaithful and working as a prostitute. Kelly was shocked because she was concerned that her daughter would hear these rumors. In addition, Dodd was tired of people commenting about her marriage, as she had admitted that her marriage wasn’t perfect.


According to a new report, Kelly Dodd is now fueling the rumors that she and Michael may be headed for a split -- for the second time. Dodd had previously filed for divorce, but he refused to sign the papers. They stayed together, but now her home is on the market.

Kelly Dodd spends time in Hong Kong while selling her house

Over the past week, Kelly has been spending time in Hong Kong. She’s been sharing some pictures from the trip and fans want to know what she’s been doing.


And it sounds like she’s been ignoring the stories back home, as her home recently hit the market. Some reports claim that she and Michael are struggling in their marriage, as the home is now for sale. No one is questioning whether Michael is moving with her. It is possible that they are just downsizing. In the listing, the couple says the house is 4,370 square feet with panoramic views of Big Corona Beach. The home was recently renovated and fans can see it on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The list price is currently at $6.25 million for the house.

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Did Kelly Dodd’s past play a role in her moving?

It is easy to assume that Kelly’s past is an issue these days. On the show, she revealed that she doesn’t exactly love her husband. She also added that she had been engaged to another man while they were split up and that Michael forced her to stay marriage. He hasn’t exactly been painted in a positive light and he could be upset about that.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd being in Hong Kong as her home is being listed for sale?

Do you think her marriage to Michael is coming to an end because of her past troubles?

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