The original Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, reached an almost cult following. Fans of all walks of life continue to watch this movie over and over again. One just has to voice the phrase, “Nobody puts baby in a corner,” and Swayze fans know immediately what they are referring to. A remake of this iconic movie has been in discussion for years and now it seems it will come to life on the television screen.

Katey Sagal cast in a role reminiscent of Gemma Teller

The original Dirty Dancing movie is set at the Catskills resort, where Johnny Castle, played by Swayze, is the young, bad boy dance instructor that all the women adore.

Vivian Pressman and her husband are vacationers there, but he prefers to spend all of his time gambling and pays Johnny to keep his wife entertained with “dance lessons.” Vivian, who is used to getting whatever she wants, doesn’t take kindly to Johnny’s sudden interest in Baby, played by Jennifer Grey.

Have you guessed yet that Katey Sagal has been cast as Vivian Pressman? The remake will have a plot twist and Vivian is now a rich divorcee. She brings along a friend to show her how to have a good time and get whatever she wants, by any means necessary.

Does that sound a tiny bit like Gemma Teller from Sons of Anarchy?

If anyone can pull off this role, it will be Katey Sagal, who played the role of the over protective, vengeful, biker mom to perfection on SOA. Sagal is a very talented actress and apparently is able to morph herself into perfect character, from comedy to drama and even back to the days of Dirty Dancing.

The question of the day about the remake of ‘Dirty Dancing’

While it is interesting to see who will be cast in all of the other parts in this remake, the major question that fans of the original Dirty Dancing want to know is, “Who is playing Johnny?” Fans all have had picks and suggestions and even outright guesses ranging from Johnny Depp to Brad Pitt to…yes, how ironic, even Charlie Hunnam.

Wouldn’t that have been great to see Katey Sagal and Hunnam together again, but fans agreed that that might be a little “weird” since they relate those two as Mother and Son.

Oh but can’t you just hear Jax Teller saying, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”None of the fans guesses or fantasies were correct, however, and the leading role of Johnny goes to actor/dancer Colt Prattes. Prattes is best known for his dance skills and can be seen in Pinks’ music videos. He has also performed with Pink many other times.Some fans say that an iconic movie such as Dirty Dancing should have been left alone, especially since Patrick Swayze is no longer alive. They say that “No one replaces Patrick Swayze” just like “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

The new 3-hour made for television movie has been in the works and put on hold several times.

Now that the cast has been chosen, it is possible that the public will see this movie in 2016, but then again, maybe not. Plans were originally announced in 2013 to begin production and here it is 3 years later. Until then, may Patrick Swayze rest in peace.

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