Kate Gosselin has lead a pretty open life. The mother of eight has aired all kinds of personal experiences on her Reality TV shows, and now she's sharing something very personal about one of her children.

Kate, who became a household name when she and her then-husband, Jon Gosselin, landed a television series about raising their huge family, which includes a set of twins and sextuplets, recently revealed that her son Collin is currently away from home getting help.


According to Kate Gosselin, Collin, who is 12-years-old, has "special needs," and needs to learn specific ways to "deal with things." 

Kate and kids are going through a rough time

Kate says it has been a struggle that she and Collin have been bearing for quite a while now, and that she's mainly been going through it alone. Gosselin reveals that she's felt very alone while dealing with Collin's special needs, but that their entire family has been greatly impacted by the struggle of the little boy.


Some of Collin's issues could possibly stem from his parents divorce. Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced back in 2009 and the media had a field day with the couple's split. Cameras followed Jon around as he went to parties and introduced new girlfriends to the public. 

Meanwhile, Kate kept control of the kids and later decided to return to reality Television with her own show, "Kate Plus 8," which documented her life as a single mother to the children. The show would often portray family outings, vacations, events, and more, but never dived into the struggle that Collin was facing.

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Jon Gosselin's parenting woes revealed

Recently, Jon Gosselin appeared on "The Steve Harvey Show" and told the host that he hasn't seen all of his children together in a very long time. Jon says because there is no official order he never knows which kids he's getting when it comes time for him to get the children. Jon even revealed that he hadn't seen one of his sons in over a year, but didn't say which son.

Now, fans are speculating that son could be Collin and that he hasn't seen Jon do to whatever issues he's facing. 

Fans are now wishing Kate Gosselin, Collin, and the rest of the kids the very best during this difficult time.

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