Kate Gosselin, who shot to fame as a reality star with a brood of eight kids, may be paying the ultimate price for that stardom today. In a very disturbing turn of events, Kate revealed she had to make a decision that was a very difficult one to make. This reality star mom of eight had to send her son Collin, who is one of her 12-year-old sextuplets, away from home to a treatment program where he can work on some issues.

Collin 12, in treatment facility

Kate did not go into detail about these issues in her announcement, but it has been known for some time that Collinis a child with special needs.

A while back news surfaced that Collin had been suspended from school for behavior that was described as "violent" and "abusive," but Kate denied the rumors, according to MStarsNews.

Kate posted a recent picture of all eight of her kids on their first day of school this year before Collin left home. The sextuplets are entering 5th grade and the two older twin girls, Mady and Cara,are in high school.

Kate's quest for fame...

Kate sprouted fame with her first show, Jon and Kate plus 8, but later dropping "Jon" from the showwhen the two divorcedand going on with another reality show, Kate Plus 8.Ironically the divorce was partially due to the show, where Jon didn't want his kids to have strangers with cameras in tow filming every step they made.

Parenting style

The parenting style of Kate was often questioned through the years, as she had a short fuse, which was demonstrated on her show. Towards the end of her last series she joined some other mothers on a road trip with the kids. Each family had their own RV and driver. Kate was unbelievably miserable for anyone to be around and she lost her temper not only at the kids, but at her friends as well.

It was a nightmare of a trip, or at least it appeared that way to the viewers at home.

Jon and Kate polar opposites as parents

Kate had the opposite view on the kids growing up in front of the cameras of her reality show than her ex-husband Jon. He wanted the cameras to go away and his for his kids to finally get a normal childhood. At the time he said this, he also reported the kids were developing emotional problems and he thought it was time to give them some privacy by taking the cameras away.

An insider told Radaronlinethat at the time Jon was strongly advocating for the filming to stop, everyone thought he was acting "crazy." They thought he wanted the show to end because of the jealousy he was feeling from being left out.

That wasn't the case at all apparently and now evidence of this surfaces with Collin's departure from home. Collin is in a medical facility in Pennsylvania, which is the state where Kate and her brood of eight live.

Jon furious Kate revealed Collin's problems

Kate fought Jon tooth and nail, as she was adamant about the kids not only loving being on camera, but she said they considered the camera crew part of the family.Radaronline reports Jon Gosselin is furious over Kate recently appearing on the cover of People Magazinefor a featured article where she reveals their son's problems. He is only 12-years-old and for a mother to announce his problems to the world, her ex is questioning "what kind of mother would do that?"

The Gosselin family has never had a chance to be normal for any length of time as Kate's quest to be reality show stars kept them entertaining the masses via their shows.

When they ended she shopped around on other networks for a reality show, but she had no takers.

How did Collin come to this?

Kids with anger issuescome out of families from every walk of life, so to say that it was the cameras rolling on a constant basis was the cause for Collin needing help just wouldn't be fair. After all there are seven other Gosellin kidswho went through the same thing and who don't need a treatment facility today. To say that growing up with a camera in his face on a constant basis may have added to Collin's problems, might be more of a statement based in reality.

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