Jon Gosselin may not be a shining example of fatherhood. But does the ex "Jon & Kate Plus 8"Reality TV dad deserve to bepublicly BBQ'd by oldest daughters Mady and Cara as his estranged wife Kate Gosselin cheers? This came shortly after Kate announced she'd put "problem child" Collin in boarding school without telling his dad. The twins, Mady and Cara now 15 and not part of the famous sextuplets, blasted their dad over a TV interview. Jon told his side on why he doesn't see his kids and expressed concern over Collin.

Mom Kate called their attack "brave" and taking the "high road." Noone expects Gosselin will nominate her ex-husband "Father of the Year." But it's surprising that the notoriously strict mom would allow her daughters to be so disrespectful. The twins' logic seems a bit flawed too.

Mady and Cara Gosselin chew out 'absent dad'

Jon Gosselin hasn't seen some of his children in years. Mady and Carablame him. But Jon says they're the ones who skipped visits. He didn't question or pressure them but he did miss them.

Then he was told they weren't coming anymore, period. So does that automatically qualify him as an "absent dad?" Deadbeat dad he may be on child support. But if the court awarded visitation rights, Kate has an obligation to follow through. If she felt Gosselin was unsafe the correct procedure would be to report it to a caseworker for investigation not withhold visits.

Gosselin twins play parents off each other

The Gosselin twins made harsh and confusing accusations against Jon after his interview. First they blamed him for abandoning them. They called him "insane" for suggesting Collin Gosselin (who lives away from the family at Kate's decision) was kept away. Jon says he wants to see his children. If only some visit or visits are missed, it's as much on Kate being they're only 14-years-old.

If some stay home, as Mady and Cara did, it's their responsibility.

The twins backpeddled and admitted they missed visits but that dad should ask himself why. They acknowledged his desire to see them, but threatened -- on TV -- that if he wants to, he shouldn't talk about them on TV. Jon's mistake evidently was to be honest and give them their space. So the "Kate Plus 8" mom has allied herself with the twins. But both Mady and Cara have come under her fire (as children do) and they could turn on her (as children do) especially if she keeps playing this dangerous triangle game of egging on kids to score off dad.

This Gosselin divorce drama is making the reality TV Duggar family look dull by comparison. But for worst parent of the year, Anthony Weiner claims that prize for his wiener sext.

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