Kailyn Lowry had previously revealed on Teen Momthat she would wait for her husband, Javi Marroquin, when he returned homefrom Qatar. The plan was that the family would be going to Disney World together, so they could bond with their children. But while he was serving time overseas,Javi and Kailyn decided that they would be getting a divorce. Lowry felt that she couldn’t get any support from her husband and she wanted out of the marriage. Now that he’s back, they aren’t exactly hanging out.

According to a new report, Kailyn Lowry's first born son may have been excited about Javi returning home, but he wasn't spending the night with his step-father once he returned home to Delaware.

And it wasn't because Lowry was keeping him from her estranged husband.

Kailyn Lowry keeping her distance from her estranged husband?

It's no secret that Javi is excitedabout spending time with his sons. While Lincoln is indeed his biological son, Isaac is his step-son and they have quite the relationship. One can imagine that Lowry isn't planning on keeping her son away from Javi, since they were so close prior to him leaving to serve his country. In other words, Lowry wasn't the reason why Marroquin didn't spend any time with Isaac during his first night home.

Apparently, it all comes down Kailyn's custody agreement.

Did Kailyn Lowry's custody agreement keep Isaac from Javi?

"Since there's a custody agreement with Kail and Jo for Isaac, it depends on what days they decide to have Lincoln with Javi," a source close to Kailyn Lowryhas revealed about the situation, adding, "He'll definitely get to visit Javi, but it gets a little more complicated if it works for to be when Jo has Isaac.”

The insider reveals that Javi and Isaac will"always be in each other's lives." "They are very close and Isaac looks at Javi like a father figure," the source said.

"They will always treat the boys the same as they do now."

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's son continuing his relationship with his step-father? Do you think it's healthy forher son to continue a close relationship with Marroquin?

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