Jules Wainstein joined The Real Housewives of New York, thinking that her biggest struggle on the show would be to hide the fact that she once struggled with an eating disorder. It didn’t take long for her new co-stars to question her health, because she is very skinny. As the season progressed, Wainstein admitted that she was very stressed and had thrown up just three weeks prior to a dinner with the ladies. While Jules said that she wasn’t struggling with an eating disorder anymore, she did admit that she had just thrown up.

And this caused Carole to question whether Jules was in denial about her health.

According to a new tweet, Jules Wainstein is now trying to focus on her life as a single mother. She’s gone through quite a bit over the past couple of months, as she’s tried to ignore her co-star’s comments about her health and her body, but also grieving after learning that her husband was cheating on her.

Jules Wainstein calls out her estranged partner on social media

Maybe Wainstein just needed something funny on her social media account or maybe she just wanted to lash out at her husband, who had treated her so badly.

On Twitter, Jules Wainstein decided to tweet her fans, asking where her better half way. And then she ended the tweet with a topic-changing question about the New York Mets.

#WhereIsMyBetterHalf “How bout them METS!” Jules wrote on Twitter, clearly mocking her husband for not being there for her. Of course, they are going through a divorce these days, as he isn’t exactly thrilled to work out his issues with his wife.

It sounds like he’s more interested in pursuing a relationship with his mistress.

What Jules Wainstein learned from being on ‘RHONY’

Wainstein recently sat down with Dorinda Medley for an interview, so they could do some press for The Real Housewives of New York. Of course, Jules Wainstein was asked about her divorce and she revealed that she was blindsided by the cheating. But she tried to turn it into a positive, saying that she has learned so much about herself from being on the show, including the fact that she’s so much more than just a wife.

She’s now a single mother, a business owner and possibly stronger than she ever thought possible.

What do you think about Jules Wainstein joking about her husband’s affair on social media?

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