Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton look like they have met their match onBachelor in Paradise this season. So far, Josh and Amanda are doing great together, and now he is speaking out. Josh doesn't care what the fans of the show think of him as long as Amanda likes him and it is pretty obvious she does with as much face sucking as they have been doing on the show.

What did Josh Murray have to say?

Josh went to his Instagram page and shared a photo of himself with Amanda Stanton. Along with the photo, Josh said, "It's okay if the rest of the world thinks I'm a douchebag, as long as she likes me." He then hash tagged the photo saying, "#SorryShesSoCuteIJustWannaEatHerFace." This might just be explaining part of why Josh Murray is seen kissing Amanda so much.

This picture of Josh and Amanda is from the show, so he isn't spoiling anything by sharing current pictures of them together. They have been seen together lately, though. A picture was taken of Josh and Amanda at Target and then also one of the couple at the fair with her kids. They aren't being shy about the fact that they are still around each other.

What is going on with Amanda and Josh?

On the show, Amanda Stanton went on her first date with Nick Viall. When Josh Murray showed up, she decided to take up his offer to go on a date, and they have been doing great ever since then.

It does look like a lot of this season will be about Josh and Amanda and how they are doing. If spoilers are right, then this couple will make it to the end. Amanda has two daughters at home and Josh doesn't seem to mind the idea of dating a single mom at all. Fans can't wait to see if this couple can make it work and end up getting married like Jade and Tanner did after their season of the show.

Are you shocked to hear that Josh Murray says he doesn't care what people think about him?

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