Josh Murray decided to go on The Bachelorette in hopes of finding love with Andi Dorfman. He seemed very genuine and sincere when he talked about his future and what he wanted for them. But after they got engaged on The Bachelorette, things changed between them. Dorfman ended up writing a tell-all book about her experience on the show and about her relationship with both Nick Viall and Josh. Before he joined Bachelor In Paradise, he knew that people may have changed their minds about him after reading the book.

Sadly, his arrogant entrance on the show may have proven Andi’s claims correct.

According to a new tweet, Josh Murray decided to live tweet as Bachelor In Paradise was airing last night and he’s now revealing that the cameras didn’t capture everything. In fact, he claims that editing was to blame during his conversation with Nick Viall.

Josh Murray tries to backtrack after arrogant entrance

It’s no secret that many people believe that he’s a bad person. But Amanda Stanton didn’t seem to think so, as she gave him a chance on the show.

Rumor has it that they are still together and possibly engaged. But rather than focus on his happiness, Josh Murray tried to backtrack after his horrible entrance, saying that his conversation with Nick Viall suffered in the cutting room.

“Aside from the unnecessary drama, my first date with Amanda Stanton was the best first date of my life, what an amazing woman!” Josh revealed on Twitter, adding later, “Bahahahaha that whole nick vs me talk when I returned from my date was cut up so much, cracks me up if y'all only knew what was said.”

Josh Murray accused of being an abusive area

In her book, Andi Dorfman wrote about her relationship with Murray.

She claimed that he was very controlling and he would call her names when she talked to other guys on Instagram. She provides several examples in her book. Josh has called the book fictional, but Nick Viall revealed that what she wrote about him were mostly true. This looks bad for Murray.

What do you think of Josh Murray after last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise? Do you think he was being too aggressive or do you think he just proved everything that Andi wrote about him?

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