Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are not even trying to hide their relationship in the real world at this point, despite the fact that their romance is still playing out on ABC's Bachelor in Paradise. Gossip guru Reality Steve has spoiled that they do stay together post-filming and they have been spotted together more than once. Now the two are making it official and sharing some big news.

How close have Josh and Amanda ofBachelor in Paradise become?

Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have revealed that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton end up getting engaged during the Season 3 finale and he has said that they are currently living together in California.

Now Us Weekly confirms that Josh and Amanda are living together in her place in Irvine, California, and he says that things are going very well.

Viewers may have loved Josh during his run on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, but she bashed him in her recent book and he hasn't always been shown in the best light this summer on Bachelor in Paradise. However, Amanda defends him, noting that he is dedicated, loyal, sweet, thoughtful, and caring. She says that he isn't this way just for the cameras, and she seemingly believes that he will be a fantastic stepdad to her two daughters.

According to the Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve, Josh and Amanda plan to relocate back to Atlanta where he is from once the season finale airs.

Some fans question that decision, given that this means that she will take her daughters away from their father and the rest of their extended family. Could they end up staying in Irvine? Many would say that it wouldn't be hard to see Murray embracing the idea of staying in California.

What does the future hold for theBachelor in Paradisecouple?

Either way, it sounds as if Josh and Amanda are making plans for the future and Stanton says that she is anxious to be married again and have more children. Is Murray her true Mr. Right or will this relationship go down in flames once the show finishes airing and they are away from the media?

Reality Steve does point out that Amanda is very different from Andi and may be more of Josh's true type. While that doesn't guarantee that these two will last, at this point, they seem anxious to let everybody know that they are together and apparently quite happy. Do you think that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton will end up walking down the aisle eventually after getting engaged on Bachelor in Paradise?

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