JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers found love onThe Bachelorette, and he is even making the big move to Dallas to be with her. Normally, the girl ends up moving to be with the guy, but Jordan was willing to move for her. This has everyone wondering about him and what he does for a job. Jordan recently spoke out and revealed this to fans. Jordan used to play football, but that part of his life is over.

What does Jordan Rodgers do for a living?

It turns out that Jordan Rodgers' job can go with him anywhere. Jordan did a conference call and spoke to reports. He explained that his job is going to be just fine.

Jordan said, "My career doesn’t change. I own a company that does nutrition coaching, and I'll be doing that from Dallas as well." Jordan has also been doing some broadcasting for the last year, and this has nothing to do with being on reality television. Now Jordan will also be doing working with ESPN and SEC Network as a college football analyst.

The thing is Jordan Rodgers will be doing the same job he has been doing, but it will just be from Dallas. He is really happy about it and doesn't see a problem with relocating. It will be great to see how Jordan and JoJo do now that they will be together every day and can be out in public.

What does JoJo Fletcher do?

Of course, when you becomeThe Bachelorette you get a big paycheck with it.

JoJo actually has a great job too, though. When she was onThe Bachelor, her job said that she was a real estate developer. JoJo actually owns her own business calledJHF Realty Development LLC. This seems to be already established and going in Dallas, which explains why they would move there. It looks like these two are ready to start their life together and have it figured out.

Were you shocked to see that Jordan Rodgers was willing to make the big move to Dallas? Do you think that he will be happy there? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes ofBachelor in Paradise each week on Monday and Tuesday nights.

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