Jordan Rodgers says he’s found love with JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette, as he got down on one knee and proposed to her during the season finale. The two of them quickly moved in together in Dallas, and they have been keeping a low profile for the past couple of days. Jordan and JoJo are learning how to be an engaged couple away from the spotlight and it sounds like there are plenty of negative stories about them. Fletcher has dealt with negative stories about Rodgers’ past girlfriend and her own ex-boyfriend, but now Jordan is being accused of being on the show to find fame.

According to a new report, Jordan Rodgers has denied using JoJo and The Bachelorette to find fame and attention, but it didn’t help when he was offered a job from ESPN. Luckily for Jordan, the network is now speaking out about the job and they are coming to his defense.

Jordan Rodgers got job offer before his stint on ABC’s hit show

"Our talent office had Jordan on their radar for some time," ESPN Senior Vice President Stephanie Druley has revealed about the network’s decision to offer him a hosting job.

Many people thought that Jordan only got the job because of his stint on The Bachelorette and because of his famous brother, Aaron Rodgers. However, it sounds like ESPN actually offered him the job before he was on television.

And it sounds like Rodgers actually got the job offer because of his experience as a football player, not because of his stint on The Bachelorette. Even though he got engaged to JoJo Fletcher, EPSN were a bit worried about how things were going to play out on The Bachelorette.

"He played at Vanderbilt.

He played quarterback. We had seen some interviews that he had done. So we reached out to him. At the time, he was unavailable due to filming. I'm not even sure that we knew what show he was doing."

Jordan Rodgers found success because of his passion - not his brother Aaron Rodgers

As it turns out, Rodgers’ own experience got him the job - not because of his famous brother, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

In fact, they don’t have a relationship these days. But even the network had a concern about how he would be portrayed on the show and they waited a few weeks into the show to offer him a job.

"I had a real concern with how he would be viewed by fans of the show and what it might mean for him down the line," Druley explained, adding, "We waited until the show was a few weeks into its run before we made an offer."

What do you think of Jordan Rodgers getting support from ESPN over his new job?

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