Jordan Rodgers proposed to JoJo Fletcher in the season finale of The Bachelorette this past week. Jordan is the brother of NFL star Aaron Rodgers and he opened up about his past in the NFL as a quarterback when he was getting to know JoJo. Even though she was open to listening to his past struggles, many people felt that Jordan was only on the show to regain his fame and get attention. Maybe he felt that he had lived in his brother’s spotlight for too long.

According to a new report, Jordan Rodgers is now speaking out against the rumors that he was using Fletcher to get famous and get attention.

These days, he’s working as a sportscaster on ESPN and despite getting this job prior to him going on The Bachelorette, people seemed to think that this came after his stint on the show.

Jordan Rodgers says he’s hurt by the comments made by ‘Bachelorette’ viewers

It’s no secret that Fletcher and Rodgers have been the subject of many reports and false rumors. They have both dealt with reports in regards to cheating and ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends. But Jordan admits that these accusations hurt a lot.

“It hurts because judgment and integrity are things that you build and try to maintain over a lifetime, and it just takes one person [saying something] out of malice that makes news,” Jordan recently revealed to PEOPLE magazine, according to Wetpaint Entertainment.

Jordan Rodgers says he grew up with nothing

Since Rodgers is the brother of NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, many people may assume that he has plenty of money.

But Aaron doesn’t talk to his family and one can imagine they don’t get money from him. He admits that he didn’t have anything growing up and his family moved around a lot.

“Everyone likes to categorize professional athletes. For someone who plays quarterback, let alone has the name recognition, it's something I'm always fighting every step of the way,” Jordan reveals, adding, “My entire life and career has been an uphill battle.

I lived in 13 houses growing up. We never owned a house; we didn't have money. So when people say I'm entitled, that's not at all true. It's tough when people who don't know me assume that they do.”

Of course, there are plenty of things that people don’t know about Jordan, which is why he doesn’t appreciate the comments about him doing this for fame.

What do you think of Jordan Rodgers’ comments? Are you surprised that he didn’t have much growing up?

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