A beautiful baby girl was born to John and Patricia Ramsey, in an Atlanta, Georgia hospital on August 6, 1990. In her short life, JonBenet was the center of much controversy as she was paraded from beauty pageant to beauty pageant. Anyone who is familiar with the TV show ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ know that some people strongly disagree with child beauty pageants. JonBenet won pageant after pageant and it seemed her young career was set.

Her life ended too soon and too gruesome

Six years later, this child beauty queen, who was named after both of her parents, held the world spellbound when she was found dead in the basement of her family home in Boulder, Colorado.

She had been missing for over 8 hours when her father found her. She had been hit in the head and strangled, according to reports. Reports also say that she was found “wrapped in her special white blanket.”

As usual in such cases, her parents were the main focus, along with her older brother Burke. But there were a lot of unexplained events surrounding the little girl’s death. A mysterious ransom note was found by JonBenet’s mother, demanding a large sum of money for the kidnapping. This note magically appeared on some steps.

The autopsy showed that she had eaten pineappleshortly before her death. A bowl was found on the table, that contained pineapple, but no one knew how it got there. Strangely enough, her brother’s fingerprints were on the bowl, though he denied ever seeing or touching it.

While the public watched and waited, detectives chased lead after lead. Television viewers speculated and choose their own suspect, even though all of the mysteries surrounding her death still didn’t add up.

In August, 2006, John Mark Karr confessed to murdering JonBenet. He was cleared of the charge, due to false statements about the specifics of her death.

Detectives still want answers in 20-year-old JonBenet cold case

Now, some of the same detectives that tried in vain to solve this case over 20 years ago, will try one more time to bring justice to this little beauty queen that captured everyone’s heart so many years ago.

Detectives will go over all of the evidence and enlist new technology as this 3-part, 6-hour documentary unfolds on our television sets. The first of this series will air on September 12th, on CBS. Retired FBI special agent, James Fitzgerald, believes they can solve the answer of who killed JonBenet.

Reports suggest that there is new evidence that has surfaced and CBS has brought in a team of experts including a forensic scientist and a former New Scotland Yard behavioral analyst. The experts will be digging into all the old case files and searching for new information as they finally try to answer the question of who killed JonBenet Ramsey.

Will they get answers? Will the killer be revealed? The trailer suggests new interviews, new evidence, and a determination to resolve this case. Will America’s little beauty queen finally get justice?

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