Iconic American comedian Jon Stewart, of Comedy Central's The Daily Show fame, has announced plans to develop an animated series for HBO, and will appear on HBO Now and HBO GO.

What to expect from the new show?

According to sources, the show will be a parody of a news cable show. It has been said that the project took its inspiration from the news satire website, The Onion, which publishes fictional news stories. The format has been compared by sources to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s use of occasional inserts of animation.That said, Stewart is said to be doing voice work for the show instead of appearing in live-action, and is expected to be playing a character with his “voice and tone,” rather than playing himself.

Reportedly, the show will use both “video and text."The series was announced after the network’s announcement of a four-year deal with Stewart. Additional projects from the partnership are expected to come forward in addition to the upcoming animated series.

Real-time cartoon?

The show will be created with 3D cloud graphics company, Otoy Incorporated, and Stewart will reportedly be able to comment on news events live and in real-time, possibly multiple times a day, although the show is mainly expected to work with a half-hour format on the HBO network.

Live coverage will likely be used for web applications of the show. The web-content reportedly will be refreshed multiple times a day.

However, this is not the first time animation was able to incorporate into the medium of live television; earlier this year, The Simpsons made news when they had managed to pull off a live sequence at the end of an episode, involving Homer talking to callers and answering their questions.

The series is also expected to be released before the American presidential election, which will allow the show to provide commentary. According to a statement from Stewart, he hopes that the show “will be up and running by September or October,” in order to beat its November election deadline.

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