Have Jon Gosselin and ex-wife, Kate, ever gotten along? For years, likely since the beginning of their relationship, Kate Gosselin has been bullying her ex-husband, Jon. Former Reality TV stars ofJon & Kate Plus Eight,the show, which revolved around the couple and their eight children (made up of one set of twins and one set of sextuplets) took a dive in 2009 after the fifth season, according toWikipedia,when the couple divorced.

One thing that remained consistent throughout the series was Kate's criticism of Jon. The Gosselins certainly have drastically opposite personalities. While Kate is uptight, controlling, and afraid of any kind of mess (rather ironic with eight kids, right?) Jon is laid back and more relaxed in general.

The following video detailing "ugly" scenes between Jon Gosselin and his wife does a great job of showcasing the differences between the two, as well as Kate's attacks on Jon.

Kate and Jon Gosselin's animosity extends to their kids.

While Kate has continued on withKate Plus Eight,Jon has stayed mostly out of the public eye. Yahooreports his silence has largely been due to terms of a lawsuit, filed by TLC, against him for breach of contract when Jon divorced his wife and left the show. "I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not under TLC. I don't have to behave," he said. Recently, he took offense to some statements made by his children's mom, and 15-year-old daughters Mady and Cara.

Gosselin twins spoke out

The Gosselin twins spoke out against him, saying he no longer knows them, and they don't come for visits because they don't want to see him.

Jon, however, sees things differently. He believes Kate is keeping the kids from him. According to theHuffington Post,he is only allowed to see four of his eight children at a time.

"Who I get is who I get. Whoever comes through that gate or gets off that bus is who I get. And Collin is homeschooled, so he doesn't get off a bus."

Speaking of Collin, one of the 12-year-old sextuplets, Jon Gosselin was furious when he learned that Kate shared, with the whole world on national television, that Collin is off receiving care for his "special needs", which she would not elaborate upon.

The future relationship of Jon Gosselin and his children remains to be seen.

Now that he has come out of the woodwork to voice his opinion and, hopefully, fight for his children, perhaps the future will look different for Jon Gosselin, his twin girls, and sextuplets. Will he be able to repair their relationship? Will Kate continue to stand between him and the kids?

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