Jon and Kate Gosselin are always dealing with some kind of drama and today is one of those times. Earlier today Kate Gosselin admitted that she has her son Collin living somewhere else so that he can get the help he needs. Kate said he is special needs, but didn't elaborate on the situation. After, that Jon's daughters Mady and Cara spoke out. Mady revealed that they don't have a relationship with their dad and made it sound like it was his fault. Now Jon Gosselin is sharing his side of this story.

What did Jon Gosselin have to say about it all?

Jon Gosselin spoke to ET today and shared is thoughts.

First off, Jon shared that he hasn't seen his son Collin in several years. He said, "It felt like she was segregating me from him. I haven’t seen him for a really long time." It has been three or four years since Jon has seen all of his kids together according to him.

Jon Gosselin shared that all of the kids used to come to his house, but that isn't the way that it is now. His older daughters Cara and Mady stopped coming to see him. Jon just assumed they wanted to spend time with their friends instead, but that probably wasn't the case because they are not coming at all. Jon seems to not understand why he doesn't have a relationship with the girls.

Besides saying that he hasn't seen Collin in a few years, Jon Gosselin didn't speak out on what is going on with his son.

For some reason, he avoided talking about whatever is going on with Collin. The fans would love to know more details, but it seems like the Gosselin family is going to stay quiet on this part for now. Hopefully, everything is okay with Collin.

Are you shocked to hear that Jon is speaking out about what Kate Gosselin had to say today?

Who do you believe? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Right now, Kate and Jon Gosselin are not on television at all. Every so often Kate and the kids will do a reality special, but Jon isn't on these at all. It looks like he has moved on with his life, but sadly by doing this Jon doesn't see his kids very much either.

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