Kate Gosselin, her family of eight children, and their father Jon are making headlines again and fans are definitely buzzing over these latest tidbits. Just as Kate opens up about her decision to send son Collin away for school, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin is talking about the lack of a relationship he has with his kids. In the midst of his comments, his oldest daughters Mady and Cara are speaking out as well.

Things have changed a lot for Kate and Jon Gosselin

Fans loved the Gosselin family during their early reality television shows on TLC, but once Kate and Jon split, things got complicated and the family show shifted and later was canceled.

Kate and the kids have been back on the network for various specials and short show runs, but it sounds like off-screen things remain difficult and tense for the former spouses.

As E! Online details, Jon says that he is only allowed to see four of his eight children at a time, and some of them he hasn't seen in more than a year. He says that Collin is one child he has not seen in quite some time, and Kate has just opened up about how the boy's special needs have led to a difficult decision on her part to send him away to a school that can address his challenges. Gosselin says that he loves all of his children, but not all of them want to come to see him and he is going to focus on the ones who do.

Twins Cara and Mady are speaking up about their father Jon Gosselin

Jon and Kate's oldest children, Cara and Mady, are not happy to hear what their father is saying. The twins are 15-years-old now and they opened up to People about how they want their father to stop talking about them. The teens maintain that nobody is keeping them from their father and Mady says that she simply doesn't have time for a toxic relationship.

In addition, Mady says that as long as Jon keeps talking about all of the children in interviews that he does, she will keep him at arm's length. Gosselin adds that her father should step back and think about why some of them don't want to spend time with him and she says that he doesn't even know them at this point.

Of course, some of the show's fans who still follow the family might point out that Kate puts the kids in the spotlight as well, and there have been times that Mady and Cara seemed quite uncomfortable with interviews their mother had them do. However, at this point, it seems clear that the twins are taking a stand against Jon's claims and intend to keep their distance from him.

Should Jon Gosselin stop talking publicly about the kids?

It is clear that Kate Gosselin, her kids, and her ex-husband Jon remain a family that generates a lot of buzz and controversy. There are those who think she is a fantastic mother who is determined to do everything she can for her kids, and there are others who rake her over the coals at every opportunity.

Jon Gosselin generates plenty of negative attention as well, and regardless of what many think, he may well want to take a step back from the interviews and consider what Cara and Mady are publicly saying about their relationship with him at this point. Do you think the twins are going too far in how they are speaking about their father?

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