JoJo Fletchercould finally reveal her final choice on the Bachelorette finale last night and many fans were not surprised that she picked Jordan Rodgers. The two had a connection right from the beginning and some people thought that she picked him because of his famous brother. However, JoJo and Jordan revealed on the After The Final Rose that Aaron actually doesn’t play a role on their lives. He hasn’t reached out and they don’t care. They have big plans for the future.

According to a new report, JoJo Fletcherdecided to open up about her future plans with Jordan. The two admitted that they were super excited about going public with their relationship, especially since they had struggled to keep the relationship a secret for so long.

JoJo Fletcher determined to settle down with Jordan Rodgers

JoJo Fletcher revealed that she was ready to start planning a wedding to Jordan. And he was ready to do the same. But first, they want to just relax and be a couple for a while, with Jordan adding that they were going to "let the craziness settle down a little bit."

"We have a house in Dallas," Jordan revealed to Chris Harrison during the finale. "We're moving in right after this." After a brief visit to New York so they could film some updates and interviews, they would be flying back to Nashville to pick up Jordan’s bed and then drive back to Dallas so they could move in together.

JoJo Fletcher struggled to stay positive throughout the 'Bachelorette' airings

Even thoughJoJo Fletcherstruggled with the distance, it sounds like they are happy they can now support each other and defend one another."There's been many nights that I've cried myself to sleep," Fletcher, 25, revealed to Chris Harrison, adding that they had talked on the phone every time a new rumor surfaced in the tabloids.

They would wear disguises to hide themselves from the public, so they could see one another. And it sounds like it worked, because they are ready to be stronger going forward."We're going to continue to grow and love every single day," Rodgers said.

What do you think ofJoJo FletcherandJordan Rodgersmoving in together this week?

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