JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are front and center as America's most doomed couple after The Bachelorette 2016 finale aired. Even before that, there were rumors that the couple may have already broken up due to problems behind-the-scenes. Add to that, JoJo allegedly couldn't shake her insecurities and couldn't trust Jordan. In spite of all that, they're still together and in the midst of moving into their own place. Could it be a plan to throw everyone off and mask what's really going on?

The couple agree on one thing

A source speaking with Life & Style magazine alleges that it's true JoJo and Jordan are having issues but they're willing to stick it out for the long haul. The magazine's insider blabs that the whole reason has to do with them wanting to "transform their relationship into a business deal." With the horde of endorsements coming their way, they can't turn their backs on them. The source asserts that JoJo and Jordan are "going to milk it while they can."

Their plan uncovered

How long does this Bachelorette couple plan to stay together and suffer if they're so miserable?

The source claims they plan to wait this out at least a year. Branding expert, David Johnson, explains that JoJo and Jordan could be the highest paid couple in The Bachelor franchise, but that they must "act now while the iron is hot." A lot of money is up for grabs over the course of the next year and they don't want to miss their chance. According to the report, Fletcher and Rodgers stand to make $10 million by next year.

Would this include a televised wedding? Will they pass this testament of their commitment to each other?

On the cover of Life & Style's magazine this week, the cover story reads that the pair had an epic fight that "ended it all" and that JoJo slept with Jordan's best friend.

Will JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers be able to withstand a whole year together if they're that unhappy as a couple? Money might be a driving motivator for some people, but will it hold true for these two?

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