When Johnny Depp and Amanda Heard exchanged vows in February of 2015, there were high hopes of a happy life together. No couple goes into a marriage expecting the hell these two have put each other through that led to Amber filing for a divorce on May 23rd this year, just 14 months after the wedding. It seems that the problems started before the ink was dry on the marriage license.

In an exclusivereport from TMZ, we learned off an incident that happened approximately one month after the marriage while in Australia.

Apparently, a fight began between53-year-old Johnny Depp and 30-year-old Amanda Heard.

How did Johnny Depp cut off part of a finger?

TMZ reports that according to Amber, Johnny was under the influence of a combination of both ecstasy andalcohol as he smashed bottles, windows, and a plastic phone. One of those items sliced off his fingertip. Amber told TMZ that being an artist; she had some blue paint in the room.

Johnny stuck the stub of his finger into the paint and wrote on a window in a mixture of blood and paint, "Starring Billy Bob Easy Amber." According to what Amber told TMZ Johnny believed she had been unfaithful with Billy Bob Thornton when they had worked on a film together.

Amber denies the accusations, however.

Are there other alleged incidents of violence?

There have been several incidents with the couple. Their relationship has been volatile, and there are many reports of domestic violence. The final incident before the divorce was filed by Amber was on May 21st. The actress says Johnny threw his cell phone at her, hitting her and blackening her eye.

The divorce proceedings between the two have so far been as tumultuous as the marriage as it plays out in the media.

With the spotlight on them and the marriage over, it seems things would calm down. That is apparently not the case. Amber was seen Friday at the Los Angeles airport with bruises on her forearm that looked fresh and painful. The assumption in social media is that these bruisesare more signs of the domestic violence in the relationship.

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