John Krasinski, known and loved as Jim Halpert from "The Office" took on a different role as a Navy SEAL in the 2016 movie "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi." For that part, Krasinski trained hard, lost weight, and honed down to a special forces-ready body. Krasinski who is no slouch in the looks department, sizzled after weight loss! He recently joined other Hollywood sizzlers on a mission of mercy to work out for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Krasinski accepted the #22PushupChallenge from Chris Pratt (another sit-com actor, from "Parks and Rec" who has lost weight and gotten hard body fit).


Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide and many because of PTSD. This challenge raises awareness to this sad fact and hopefully funds to aid PTSD vets. People film themselves doing 22 pushups and share it online, tagging other people in the process. Like the ALS ice challenge you don't have to be tagged, but you do have to share videos of yourself doing it on social media. This spreads the word. Krasinski, the Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and others are participating.

Krasinski lost weight or just got rock hard?

When someone gets super-fit, it may look like they've lost weight. Krasinski had a pudgier face in early office episodes and now has a lean, chiseled look. So it looked like he lost weight when he might have just got buff. Sometimes people lose weight when they work out. Chris Pratt did after he toned up a few years ago. In Krasinki's case it was fat burning.

With the help of a personal trainer he did grueling workouts to trade fat for muscle. Fat conversion is healthy for everyone, but especially people who just need to firm up.

Is diet necessary for weight loss?

Krasinski probably didn't have to diet, per se, to get trim. With intense workouts he could probably, like Michael Phelps, eat 10,000 calories a day and stay thin as long as he keeps working out.

But if those thousands of calories are junk, he's not getting proper nutrition. Also, age changes body metabolism. People who have never had weight trouble often take for granted that they can eat what they want and not gain. So is "diet" necessary? For an obese or overweight person, yes. You cannot lose weight just with exercise. To get the number on the scale down, you have to eat less, especially processed, junk food.

You don't have to -- and shouldn't starve yourself. Just eat healthier. If you don't care about the number on the scale, like Tyra Banks, and just want to be healthy, then you don't have to calorie count but you do have to eat certain foods in moderation.

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