They finally made it home safely! Jill Dillard really missed her family back in Arkansas and now she will be able to spend some quality time with them. She and her husband Derick Dillard traveled all the way from Central America with little Israel to her home state for a visit after almost a year. Derick’s brother, Dan Dillard, shared a photo on Instagram with his fiancé and the reality couple at the airport welcoming them home on Saturday. It looks like they are happy to be back in the states for a bit.

Taking a short break

Why did Jill and Derick decide to come back to Arkansas now? Well, it has been almost a year now and they did say when they left to head to their home in Central America that they would be staying at least until the next summer. Now that it is here, they have decided that they have missed their loved ones and needed this time with them for encouragement.

There is also the fact that their TLC reality showis coming back for another season this month featuring the older Duggar siblings.

They may be doing some last minute filming for the show, as well as maybe going around promoting this new season. Duggar fans are definitely looking forward to seeing the reality clan back on air again.

What did Jill and Derick miss since they left?

A lot has happened in the world of the Duggar family since the missionary couple went away to Central America. Sister Jessa Seewald had her first baby, Spurgeon, who is now nine months old.

Although they do have quite a bit of face-time, Jill didn't get to spend time with her nephew in his first year of life. There was also the exciting engagement of Jinger Duggar to former soccer player, Jeremy Vuolo, that happened just recently.

Another engagement happened recently as well, only this time it is on the Dillard side of the family. Derick’s brother, Dan, proposed to his fiancé Deena and she got to meet Jill and Derick when they stepped off the plane.

Jill Dillard will also be facing her older brother, Josh, since he was released from rehab. He has been home with wife Anna and their four little ones since March, so the Duggar daughter will have the chance to speak to him as well.

Babies could be in their future soon

There have been so many rumors on another baby for this couple and it could happen before you know it. They have been talking of adopting, but they may just get pregnant with their second child any time.

Though for now, Jill and Derick will just be relaxing and having fun with their loved ones sharing some good times.Be sure to catch the Dillards, the Seewalds, and the Duggar siblings on August 23 when “Counting On” premieres on TLC.

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